Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two Questions...

How does putting up a defensive missile shield constitute starting a new arms race? How does testing a banned missile NOT constitute starting an arms race?

Why does socialism and nationalizing of a nations oil industry have to come with shuttering newspapers, taking TV stations off the air, and arresting journalists?

There is a bad moon arisin' with these two guys. The world will be less free do to both of their antics here shortly.

Chavez: Hey Pootie Tang, how do you deal with all of your nations pesky opposition newpapers? I can't seem to get mine to stay in line.

Putin: Well Hugo, it's easy. Newpapers can't print anything if they don't have reporters to file stories. Do what I do, kill them all.

Chavez: I knew I could rely on on old pro like you Pootie, Thanks brother.


At 4:10 PM, May 31, 2007, Blogger Jackson said...

Both these cats a scary dudes. Putin is cagey old school soviet scary, and Chavez is freaky deaky just plain crazy scary.

Chavez should be askin' Pootie about where to get some acceptable men's suits.

Pootie's playin' some serious old school brinkmanship shit, and we may have to come to terms because I think he's gonna be around for a while, whereas Chavez is too stupid, and he's gonna piss of the wrong Columbian soon enough.

At 8:30 PM, June 01, 2007, Blogger Alex said...

Russia + China = World's new 21st century superpowers.

US = So 20th century.


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