Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The only game that matters...

I made a promise to clear my mind of all that ails me and get into the holiday spirit even though the world is being dragged into the crapper by doe-eyed, liberal, Kumbaya singing… Oops sorry. Seriously, it’s time to swing into the Christmas season and there is no better way to do just that then to talk about the only college football game that matters: Army vs. Navy.

I’m a little unnerved that Goarmysports.com is hocking Eagle Bank Bowl tickets at this juncture. I know they have to, but getting the Army team there means a victory over Navy and that is far from a certainty. I’m saying this because if Army were to lose to Navy Saturday, I don’t want anything to detract from the accomplishments the team and coach Ellerson have achieved this season. Army beat opponents they weren’t supposed to and are a team clearly on the rise after a long gloomy decade or so.
Navy has done well this year as well scoring a major victory over 2010/11 Army opponent the most hated Notre Dame. I cheered for the squids during this one as I do any other game they play with the exception of the one played this weekend.

My thirst for victory over Navy is as strong as ever and Army is a salty bunch this year. They’ll have to leave it all on the turf Saturday, but I think they can and will win.


*Bunch of lying and cheating scoundrels every one of’em!!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

He took a walk in the woods and he never come back...

As one who is prides himself on not to be beholden to celebrity tabloitardness (sports, musicians, etc... beyond mocking them of course) I have to admit this… I’m actually disappointed in Tiger Woods.
I’ve been a fan since I picked up the frustrating game of golf myself many years ago. I really thought that he was the rare uber rich/famous athlete who had it together on this front. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my seven-year-old daughter while watching Sunday golf coverage, “Watch this guy, he is one squared away dude”. I won’t dig a knife into him about his infidelities, I won’t stop cheering for him to win tournaments, but it’ll be different now as I'm sure it was for those who once held John Edwards in high esteem. I thought his folks did such a good job raising him that he’d avoid falling into this trap. Since he wisely waited until he was older to get married (I know, that doesn’t guarantee anything), I thought he’d gotten all this out of his system. I thought the amazing mental toughness that he exudes and leverages to such perfection on the course carried over to his personal life.

I think he’s about to find out how his life is about to change for the worse as any father who has been faced with the possibility of not being allowed to see his kids any time he wants to has. His money, fame, and athletic prowess will become meaningless to him if it hasn’t already.

Is Tiger Woods Pac Man Jones? No, but nobody ever set the bar high for Pac Man, certainly not me. I assure you that this is NOT intended to be a holier than thou thing. I’m far from perfect as is Tiger. We are all flawed. I don’t know Tiger personally, but I have had friends that I’ve discovered have/were cheating on their wives and the disappointment I felt with them is similar to what I’m feeling now with this ordeal, just on a smaller scale.

As for the publics’ “right to know”, My brother and I were arguing about the whole thing last night and he insisted that Tiger should get out in front of this by making all kinds of confessional statements to which I say bullshit. We don’t have a “right to know”, what we have is a “right to ask”. If this inaliable "right" was what blew the lid off of Tiger’s dalliances, well, that’s life in the United States, but I know if I had been publically caught doing something so reckless to my family, I’d give two shits about anything, or anybody else except those family members I hurt. Frankly, I don’t care who or how many girls he stepped out on his wife with, one is too many and he’s going to pay dearly for it. I sincerely feel bad for his wife, she seems like a nice gal.

I don’t know why guys insist on thinking they’ll get away with it, especially famous ones. The rules are the same for all us men: If you don’t love your wife anymore divorce her and get on with you life and let her get on with hers. It sucks having to go through with it all and you better be prepared to suffer no matter what, but that’s how it is. Holding on to your dignity is what you get out of it. Falling prey to saline enhanced, club hopping, bubblehead’s just comes across as weak and terribly embarrassing whether you’re a famous golfer or a regular Joe.