Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Jersey Shore...

Molly Moo here and I’ve got to apologize for waiting this long to post, but it’s been go, go, go since we hit the road this past Sunday. Dad rented a big dumb Chevy from Enterprise and it afforded me and my friend Katie lots of back seat room to stretch out in and do what I do best, and that’s sleep. Dad decided to take us all the way to Aunt Michele’s since we were making such good time. I enjoyed the ride and all the smells along the way, but my seatmate did not feel the same. She seemed to ask quite frequently, “How much longer is it going to take?” I don’t know what her big hurry was with all the good smells we were able imbibe in. It did kinda suck when we stopped for foods though, meaning their food, not mine. I got left in the car while THEY went in and ate dinner! Didn’t get to mooch a single morsel and boy was it hot! They did feel sorry for me and I used my saddest eyes to get as many treats as I could possibly sucker away from mom, dad, and the kid.

We arrived in Frederick MD around 10:00 pm and my people enjoyed a chat with Michele, Eric, Ethan while Newman the beagle and I caught up. He’s an older and wiser hound whose mooching skills are unparalleled. We turned in at a decent hour and departed the next day for last little bit of the drive to Grandma’s house in Paramus NJ (we’re returning to Newman’s on Saturday for a proper visit). I positive that MASSIVE amounts of treats await me!

One of the objectives we’re committing to on this visit is to get Grandma connected to the internet. Mom and Dad scored her a killer Mac laptop and fixed her up pretty good. Me, I’m going to teach her all my mad interweb surfing skillz so she’s as much a pro as I am. Grandma had Verizon scheduled to install their most AWSOME FiOS

triple play package and my main man Matt from Verizon showed up on time and got the place wired with the glorious fiber optic service by lunchtime (one of my favorite times of the day!). There were a whole lotta other things daddy had to fix and mom played Neesy Nash with grandma while they purged a HUGE pile of junk that grandma insisted for many years was “still good”. A trip to Goodwill was embarked on and even THEY wouldn’t take the rabbit ear equipped television she had been holding onto because “Somebody could use it”.

Mom and Dad got to see Headshot Zod for an evening at Smith Bros. in Ridgewood leaving me home yet again. They always seem to stay out WAY too late with this Headshot character.

Grandma is really excited about being connected and is responding well to my instruction. She sends and receives email, surfs the web, is already enamored with FaceBook, and will be fully capable of unloading her digital camera on her own before we head back to Maryland tomorrow morning. We are VERY envious of the smoking fast WiFi network grandma has in her house now.

Yesterday they left me at home with grandma and took an impromptu trip to the Jersey shore with bro and sis in law. Dad says they drove right by the recording studio he worked at while in college (Rich, had we had firm plans, we’d have called and hooked up, but we will be coming back in the fall and will hit your guys place for sure). The kid said the water was freezing, but they all headed out for dinner at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse and it must have been quite a meal given the scraps brought back for me. Dad was rubbing his large, but shrinking belly.

So, today I’m walking grandma through a few more tutorial sessions on the computer, we’ve aunt Fran who loves me coming by, and dad, mom, and Katie are taking grandma out for a nice dinner tonight (they’d better be bringing me back a nice little bag because after all, I’m on vacation too!).

Tomorrow we’re off to MD for golf, uncle Schmoopie’s birthday, Bad Company concert, and much associated merriment and foolishness I’m sure. I’ll try to get another post up if my buddy Newman will do me a solid and let me borrow his laptop. Ah... Vacation!