Friday, December 01, 2006

Changing Seasons...

Well, it's Friday. First thing Monday the IT guys will show up to decommission my buildings' network and telephone system. Postings have been light due to me and the other last man standing here doing some last minute purging ahead of the liquidator’s arrival next week, not to mention some looting of remaining office supplies and such (I have enough paper to print 40,000 resumes). Since the closing of all four regional centers was my project, and if to have the knife twisted in deeper, I’ve got to show up next week and let the various crews in to do their work disassembling cubicles, pallet racking, light restoration, furniture liquidation, etc… That’s okay though, I can more than handle it. I know my boss gave me this project to allow me the most amount of time to stick around on the payroll and find other work. For that, I’m grateful. I’ve long since reconciled myself with the 13 years I’ve put in at this company and am extremely proud of all that I accomplished. This was clearly a watershed opportunity for me here.

The other last man standing commented to me the other day, “Funny, you and I were the first employees in this organization and we’re the last to leave”. I hired Glen Manry to work as my warehouse manager 13 years ago last month. He took over a 10,000 sq. ft. location downtown without heat and from there the two of us began influencing and charting the network distribution and deployment scheme that would eventually become the standard operating model for the entire company. While Glen was reassigned to others throughout the years, we always had a hand in each others work, and he was the first person I brought on board when I was given this center to start up and run. He has been my most trusted Jacob Marley for my entire tenure. Without his dedication and insight I would never have reached the heights I did, and that included my company’s President’s Award back in 2000. He will be moving on to work in the transportation industry and is starting his own business as well which I will be telling you more about in the near future.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got a busy month that will keep my spirits up through the holidays and prepare me to find my new job. I REALLY look forward to being involved again. Anybody who has gone through something like this knows that as the days drag on, the farther out of the loop you get until you’re invisible. I have definitely achieved ghost status at this point. It’s madding.

I'm working on my tag post Tom Watson has requested and like so many things It’s becoming more elaborate as I write it, but I’m determined to get it up on the blog in the next couple of days.

First I must cut out of work early, rent a back pack leaf blower, and declare war on the leaves in my yard much like Bobby has over at Derailed. Like Bobby, I have chosen to go with the "scorched yard policy".

If anybody hears of anything interesting out there whether it be here in Atlanta, Washington D.C., or the NYC metro area please let me know. I’ll have a resume to you inbox in a flash.

I’ll do my best to keep the posts coming in the next week as I get acclimated to my home base of operations.


At 1:12 PM, December 01, 2006, Blogger Jackson said...

Tony, you've done such a great job, we'd like to give you this award, and this severance package.....

I suppose you have to sleep on your side so as not to drive the knife deeper into your back.

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