Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meet Max...

Our esteemed blogging colleague Hue B. Mooksuki who writes Huezine: The Worst Blog Ever has been notably absence from the blogging boards most of the summer. The man has been busy. He’s recently moved his wife and family to Minneapolis, and from what I’m to understand, works like ten jobs. Hue is driven by one thing: to provide a decent life for his family, especially his four year old son Max. Max suffers from Autism. From his first visited to Jackson’s Savage Distortion blog two years ago, Hue began educating all of us on this disease. Max and his family's struggle was the inspiration for Jackson’s Tedstock event a year ago.

Sometime during the summer, a local CBS affiliate reporter Jason DeRushain in Minneapolis put together a piece featuring Max. I know Hue has been lobbying hard to get the piece aired and it finally ran this week. Go here to see it.

Hue tirelessly dedicates himself to his family and the cause of autism awareness. No doubt he himself has had to give up many things in order to keep all his efforts moving forward, blogging being one of them. Jackson, myself, and many others in our blog circle miss having Hue around on a regular basis, but fully understand his absence. I still hope that one day we can meet him in person, steal away to Jackson’s turntable and colossal record collection, and spin our favorites if only for a few hours.

I'm sure Max understands what a great father he has and we stand in awe of all parents who get up everyday and face this disease. Stay in touch Hue as best you can and pass along my families best wishes to yours. We’ll keep checking in at the Worst Blog Ever every now and again to see if the lamp is lit.


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