Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finally Someone I Can Agree With...

You know, I was really optimistic about the results of the midterm elections, I really was. I think this administration has blown it and believe the corruption runs deep. I still very much support the mission in Iraq and think that we need to stick it out no matter how long it takes. I also understand (but don’t agree with) the war’s detractors which is why I am so disappointed in the Democratic Party and it’s leadership at this point. For God’s sake, if you want us out of Iraq, take the vote and be done with it, but no. That’s not what’s going to happen. Why?

Here’s my feeling on the matter: Unlike Vietnam, the aftermath of an American pullout in Iraq won’t be something that is geographically contained. The instability will creep in all directions and be much worse. It will not be able to be ignored. Second, unlike the millions who died in the killing fields with little mention in the American and world press, the carnage that would certainly follow would not escape the worlds eye (you think it’s bad now, just wait). Yep, in my mind Pelosi & Co. know these two things and have chosen to debate meaningless crap (the Gonzales flap), or debate worthless legislation (non-binding resolutions). Lou Dobbs is utterly brilliant stating the obvious here.

Democrats MUST come to the realization that George Bush’s’ legacy will be his to own and if they want the presidency in 08, they are going to inherit this war. Wasting another minute talking about the fallacies (real or perceived) that got us there is NOT going to get you elected and will not change the situation one bit. It certainly isn’t a substitute for actual foreign policy.

When the elections were over, I actually thought the Dems were going to get their chance to end the Iraq war as they said they would, but alas, it was as I predicted; Business as usual. My liberal and left minded friends ought to be outraged at the let down their party leadership have displayed. I certainly wouldn’t blame them.

I could have written this myself…

Is there not one decent, honest man or woman in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, in either party's leadership, who possesses the courage and the honesty to say, "Enough. The people who elected us deserve better"? So far the answer is no. Is there really any wonder that public opinion polls demonstrate that the president and this Congress share equally low approval ratings in poll after poll?

The White House is behaving with utter contempt for Congress and Congress is acting without respect or regard for this president. Could it be that, at long last, they're both right?

Thanks Lou for saying it for us.


At 1:50 AM, March 23, 2007, Blogger Jackson said...

I agree with you and Lou, but I think your missing the obvious.

They don't want to act just yet, they need to drag this out so they can take the White House in 08 on a 'look at these losers' platform.

It's a flawed strategy - but so are they.

Much like you, just because I voted for them doesn't make me one of them.

We're being let down on both sides of the isle.

I think you'd agree that it's the isle itself, the division, that creates the competitive enviroment that American politics is drowning in.

At 2:39 PM, March 23, 2007, Blogger Tony Alva said...

Agreed, but here's the rub...

Our representitives are ours whether we voted for them or not. The Dems will not be electable if they don't stand up for what they believe is right. I'm afraid that what they know in their hearts is that we CAN'T pull out of Iraq at this point. They know it will be a disaster far worse than what the media is portrying it to be right now.

If that is what they are feeling, say so and offer a new plan, I'm ready to hear it. If they honestly think a rapid pull out is truely the right thing than take the vote, cut the funds and be ready for whatever consequences result.

I'm not calling Nancy P. and Co. to the carpet on their policy position, what I'm saying is that if you believe that the course iof action you've been touting for years, follow it up with appropriate action. I would respect the decision, whether I support it or not, but what is going on now may actually be emboldening our enemy in some cases at worse, makes them all look buffoonish at best.


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