Friday, January 04, 2008

My favorite songs in the world: One for Senator Obama

In light of my below mentioned seasonal funk, I’ve been thinking of tunes to post for this reoccurring thing and today’s caucus discussion has inspired me. See, when I get to feeling a mood I look for music that feeds that mood. It's like sticking your face out during a bar fight and taking a punch. I’m not sure if it’s healthy in the clinical sense, but it helps to work out the frustration and in the process I ultimately end up feeling a bit better.

The guys at Smoke & Mirrors apparently got some work doing a tune for the Obama campaign which is a very cool thing indeed. They even got the Misanthrope, local ripping axe man and fellow conservative, to lend a hand. I actually like Obama. My hope is that the campaign bullshit doesn’t wear me out on him (i.e. “I will pull troops from Iraq immediately…” No you won’t) if he should be elected to the Whitehouse. I think he’s still too green and the Misanthrope’s run down is pretty accurate, but hey, who knows maybe green is what we need.

“Wicked World” is the greatest Sabbath song in the world and Barak would be smart to give a listen and take note. Even though it has the ever present and overly self indulgent Tony Iomni guitar solo’s and weird bits of the era, I can’t think of a song that’s a better example of who these guys were and where they came from. When it comes to myth matching reality, the VH1 skinny on Black Sabbath is fairly accurate. The music on the bands’ first album (made in like three days) is the Birmingham these guys grew up in incarnated; grotty, tough, and hopeless. It must have been an easy record to make given this reality. I love the shitty production amp buzz and all. Ozzy never sounds better and Bill Ward is on top of his game.

I’ll say this… If the guys up at S&M want to cut a version of this tune and send it to Obama (or any other candidate for that matter) count me in. I’ll book the flight and buy the booze. Maybe Dave could finally get his chance to let it all hang out and even better, Dr. Machold might turn those sticks around and do the tune some justice with the heavy ends. Give it some consideration it fellas.

Just hit play on the Bandogo player in the margin and let'er rip...


At 5:57 PM, January 04, 2008, Blogger Chrispy said...

I'm in. I'll get to work on the amp buzz.

At 11:39 AM, January 05, 2008, Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

I'm in. Crank up that HiWatt cabinet and I will bring the SG and my prosthetic finger extensions.

At 8:09 PM, January 05, 2008, Blogger Jackson said...

Let's do it.....hell, leave Obama out of it....

At 2:28 PM, January 11, 2008, Blogger Beth said...

Interesting. Will Oprah allow Obama to use it?

At 2:29 PM, November 15, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fugees - 'Ready Or Not'
Marvin Gaye - 'What's Going On'
Mystique GP -"Vanity"
The Rolling Stones - 'Gimme Shelter'
Nina Simone - 'Sinnerman'
Kanye West - 'Touch The Sky'
Frank Sinatra - 'You'd Be So Easy To Love'
Aretha Franklin - 'Think'
U2 - 'City of Blinding Lights' - 'Yes We Can'


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