Monday, September 15, 2008

It's not whether you win or lose...

It was one of those “you gotta love the game” weekends since most of my teams will be shaking the stink of defeat off of them ahead of Monday practice. The one notable exception was the Maryland Terrapins who beat the dirty, tree sitting, hippies of Berkley California, and after all who wouldn’t want to do that. Beat a tree sitting hippie that is (How could they not know that football will always trump trees? Sheez...) Oh yeah, Cal just so happened to have been ranked twenty-second. The Terps seemed to be bi-polar this year due to a QB controversy that just may have been settled by Chris “Napoleon Dynamite” Turner’s stellar performance Saturday. He got the Terps on the board early and way out in front preventing the patchouli brigade from ever really getting any foothold in the game. Big win, big confidence builder.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets had a chance to stir up the ACC with a win over a better than their record Virginia Tech. Paul Johnson’s G Tech team actually looked very good and they executed the option with flashes of brilliance with the exception of one glaring weakness: fumbles. Had they not given the up the ball as many times as they did, we’d be talking a different story here in ACC land this Monday. No matter, they can still spank Mississippi State, Duke, and Gardner-Webb (is that a community college?) and be 5-1 ahead of the rest of their ACC schedule. That’s a lot of game experience before the tough ones. My brother’s UNC Tar Heel’s stomped all over The State University of New Jersey (Rutger’s) Thursday night causing a stir all over the conference. Could we be seeing a resurgence of The Blue?

I guess the good news is that Army didn’t lose a game this weekend. They had a bye.

On to the pro’s…

The Falcons. Well, they certainly dashed away all the “Can they?!” talk with what was a typical ‘bunch of new guys’ performance. The Falcons offensive line was abysmal. Ryan ate a lot of turf and took many shots (many of them cheap). Welcome to the NFL Matt. They managed to stay in the game, but there was no feeling that they could keep up in my mind. Lot’s of work to be done there.

The Jets were stunned by the performance of Matt Cassel. Bill Belichick has obviously made a deal with the devil. I thought the Jets didn’t look too bad really. I hate that they lost, but with Farve’s short time in camp, I think there’s much to look forward ahead for Gang Green.

What’s up with that HORRIBLE call during the Bronco/Chargers game? Phillip Rivers and the San Diego bunch were freaking ROBBED! As much as I hate Denver, I’ve gotta give mad props to Shanahan for the go for the win two point conversion call. That was ballsy.

My Raiders. What the hell? They win. How did they manage to do that? I’m glad it was on television somewhere lest there be actual proof that it happened. An owner essetially locking out a coach in order to get him to quit. An organization in as much trouble and scraping the bottom as Army.

Mantra I’m living by today: It’s still early.

Another one: Go Eagles!!!

How ‘bout that banking industry?!


At 8:40 PM, September 26, 2008, Blogger coolmomma said...

At 7:30 PM, September 27, 2008, Blogger Jackson said...

I've made a decision, I'm now officially a Yellow Jackets fan. Shit, I got the ball cap, they wear black and gold. That's all I need really. What with Army's inability to compete, I need a team that actually wins some games, and I can't go with the Terps, I didn't come out of the College Park experience with any real affinity for the place.

The Falcons indeed look like a completely different team. I guess designing a team around the group instead of an individual works.

The Jets will get it together, but man did that division get tough. The Bills? The Dolphins?

It's all East Baby, NFC or AFC.

The Raiders need Al Davis to die already, he's not the man he was, but doesn't realize it. He's holding the team back.


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