Friday, September 05, 2008

Welly, welly, welly, well...

Well, it sure has been an interesting week. Work has been hectic as all get out. "Exiting a business is as stressful as starting one" is the axiom I’ve come to understand lately. The obvious diff is starting them is hopeful and exiting them is thoroughly depressing. Still, much to my surprise, I got a “shout out” (company speak for: here’s a gift card now get back to work) at our all hands meeting yesterday for my work on the project. While nobody handed me a check or anything cool like that, it’s always good to have your efforts acknowledged.

The GOP convention was a mixed bag for me. I guess the Palin thing turned it into an event that I was actually interested in tuning into. Despite all the pathetic attempts to immediately discredit her, I have to say I think she’s the real deal, probably more electable than anybody on either ticket. Her speech was brilliant. McCain’s speech was tepid in comparison. I know it’s not his thing (he’ll crush Obama in the debates though), but presidential campaigns are nothing but long and very dull advertising blitzes. It sucks that substance doesn’t trump flash, but it is what it is. If I were McCain, I’d focus all my energies on showing the country how different he is than Bush and Co. I think he laid the foundation for this meme last night, but now that he has nothing to fear from the party by dissing the current prez, he should let it all fly. He’s still the underdog to win, but there’s a lot of stumping to be done. I remain convinced that he is the most qualified candidate in the last four elections to be president.

Me and my gal will be taking in the Chris Isaak show around the corner from our house tomorrow night. The weekend will of course include copious amounts of college and pro football gazing on the idiot box (can we still call them that when they’re not flat as a pancake?). The Falcons open against the Lions and only just yesterday sold enough tickets to prevent a local blackout of the game. I’m sure the Jets are having the same problem… NOT! The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are up in Beantown to take on BC with their new Paul Johnson hybrid option offense. After watching them crush their opening cupcake both my dad and I think GT will surprise many this season. The Terps barely got past the University of Delaware (that statement alone is foreboding enough). Most troubling was the fact that Chris “Napoleon Dynamite” Turner was not starting at QB. I’ve not followed the QB controversy at UM, but wha the fuck Fridge? The kid was good last year and ought to be out there this season. I’ll have to dive deep and find out what’s going on there at my almost alma mater.

My dad and I were excited to find that the Army vs. Temple game was available on my cable package and he came over to watch. After settling in with our beers and snacks it took exactly ten minutes to realize that Stan Brock is NOT the coach that will pull the cadets out of the basement. We were all prepared to see a new shaky yet committed option offense grind out a narrow victory, but instead saw him run only ONE option series the entire game, AMAZINGLY the only series to result in a touchdown, choosing to back up and pass all the rest. Idiot. Get him out of there NOW. GOD, will we EVER be able to beat Navy again?

Oh well… Looks like it’ll be another season with my teams being also ran’s, but it’ll still be fun. Hope all your teams win this weekend, but only if you’re not in my football pool. If you are, I hope you lose every one.


At 3:45 PM, September 06, 2008, Blogger BeckEye said...

Mmmmm, Chris Isaak.

At 4:43 PM, September 06, 2008, Blogger Tony Alva said...

Beckeye: highly recommend Chris Isaak. He's a master Texas swing guy. Good guitar player, decent song writer.

Having said that, the conveince factor of the show being a 10 minute golfcart ride away makes it easy/cheap date sans kid.

At 10:28 AM, September 09, 2008, Anonymous busbee said...

How was it? We've seen CI 4 times or so (in small and big clubs) and he's never disappointed. I'll never forget the time Mrs. Busbee and I saw him in the Bay Area in a small club that had no seats. Luckily, I spied two stools at a video game and hauled them over to a great vantage point and plopped down. People were offering $$$ for those stools all night to which we said "not bloody likely"!


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