Friday, August 01, 2008

A rich foamy lather…

This is how the bullshit MSM can stir up a shit storm that not only fails to address the facts at hand, but actually curtails the meting of justice. One case here, the other here.

You can accuse me of jumping to conclusions and assuming guilt all you want, but I have a strong feeling that in both cases a group of individuals baited a lone individual into a confrontation and the group ended up in a circle kicking their victims into a bloody pulp. The only diff in the degree of criminal behavior perpetrated by the assailants being that in the Pennsylvania case the victim died.

From a media perspective, the Pennsylvania assailants are worthy to be given the needle (and rightly so), yet in the Louisiana case the assailants are hero’s because a judge arguably wanted to charge them with attempted murder.

Get a fucking clue people!!! They’re ALL violent fucking thugs that deserve to go to prison for a long time at a minimum.

Recuse the judge if his statements were out of order in the Jena case, but put ALL these thugs on trial for felonies that fit the heinousness of their intent the day they gang beat their victims.

I swear if those Jena creeps walk on account of all this bullshit I’m moving to Canada…


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