Monday, October 13, 2008

The sun will come out tomorrow...

The economy is in the crapper and we're about to elect the most unqualified candidate in the history of our nation as president, but who cares about that when the Dallas Cowboys AND the New England Patriots lose on the same weekend!!! It just proves that better days are ahead for us. Jeez, if the democrats can get me stimulus check Mach II before Christmas I’d be down right optimistic about the future. BTW, Q: What’s more biased than the MSM media fawning over the Obama campaign? A: Troy Aikmen calling a Cowboy game. Jeez, I thought the guy was going to leave the booth and fellate Tony Romo right there on the sidelines in between sacks with Jessica watching. Mathdude’s annoyance indicator will no doubt peg off the charts of course. That’s okay, after all those years and heaps of mockage even he deserves a little time in the sun.

It’s more than the Cowboys and Pat’s getting kicked in the junk this weekend, HOW ‘BOUT THEM FALCONS!!! What a win. I guess that’s what lifted my spirits: the comebacks. The Falcons blew a lead when kicker Jason Elam failed to convert a 30+ change yard field goal with under two minutes which would have given the Falcons a two possession lead over Da Bears. Chicago rallied to score quickly leaving the Falcons eleven seconds at kickoff to make something happen. Matt super stud Ryan throws to deep pass to Jenkins to set up a monster 48 yarder as time ran down. Amazing. The Birds are 4-2 and things feel good here in Atlanta. The catch phrase of the week: Vick who?

The cupcake match up between Georgia Tech and Gardner-Webb Community College turned out to be far more excitement than any of us had bargained for as well. The div IAA Bulldogs seemed to have convinced themselves that they could actually beat the Yellow Jackets. They found a way to simply shut down Tech’s offense. The ¾ nerd filled stadium had to sweat out a last second Gardner-Webb field goal attempt to tie that was tipped by a Tech defender and sailed wide left. What a game. Gotta hand it to the GW Bulldogs. They ought to be proud of their performance. For GT, they get the win, and are flying under the poll radar at 5-1 as they travel to a falling Clempson next weekend for a season definer against the Tigers. A win there going into homecoming would be huge. I wish we were going to that one.

Yes, the Oakland Raiders suck, and the Terps were off, but I saved the best for last, and that would be ARMY”S WINNING STREAK EXTENSION!!! That’s right folks, Army grinded out a win against Eastern Michigan (that’s two wins in a row which constitutes a ‘Streak’ folks). The Black Knights played tough defense and have been giving their offense better field position to work the triple option with. Being able to watch Paul Johnson’s option juxtaposed against Stan Brocks week after week makes Army’s deficiencies that much more glaring, but I see improvement with Army and that is the key to hope. If idiot Stan Brock can get some expertise on his staff and find a way to beat Navy, he just might keep his job. It’s good to see The Corps win. Nobody deserves it more. They’ve got another chance to steal a win next week against an equally hapless Buffalo.

The Jets won again in those horrible new uniforms which I cannot seem to get my head around. The colors are too close to the old LA Rams scheme. Go back to green guys, but keep winning. Look forward to Jets vs Pats rematch with great anticipation.

Perhaps the Eurowennies can take a timely tip from us Yanks over here suffering through their own economic downturn and simply get behind the real and far superior game of football. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh yeah, I filled up for $3.19 a gallon this morning too. If gas prices continue to fall like this I just might be able to drive the Boxster to work one day a week. I’d almost have to call it an Era of Good Feeling…


At 1:53 AM, October 15, 2008, Blogger Jackson said...

I think there have been many Presidential Candidates less qulaified, and some of them got into office. Just sayin...

Can't help but see a correlation between the decline of the Cowboys and the Pats and that of the GOP.

Yay for me!

Go Jets, love the throwback look.

Go Army!

At 9:44 AM, October 17, 2008, Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

Name one.


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